By Fanzy Bikes



I finally made it. Creating a new webpage is quite a hustle, I tell you. However, I made it. The Webpage is about to expand the Fanzy Bikes universe and now it's online. Have a look at fresh built Fanzy Bikes, check out cool Upcycling Bike Parts or get yourself a smooth style with Fanzy Stuff. Want to Upcycle? Then check out my Upcycling Services. Want to create? Check out the Factory. Need a brake? Have a Fika.

The website is a process. In the process it will develop like a painting on a bike. Make sure to stay up to date by subscribing to my newsletter. I will release fresh Bikes, Parts, Stuff, Articles and more weekly. If you feel like contributing, hit me up!

Unless I'm still working on the logistics of the Onlineshop, I will only offer pickup for a few weeks. I'll let you know when we are ready to ship our products. 

So enjoy this beautiful space and send me a message if you like it! :)


As a treat I add a picture of the first lucky Fanzy Bikes customer after reopening. Fun fact: He was also the first official customer 4 years ago when I started. Thanks Juli :*