Hello my name is jakob

When I was four I learned to ride the bicycle. When I was eight I took it apart. When I became fourteen I figured out how to put it back together again.

Now I'm twentyeight. I build contemporary bicycles.

Contemporary Bicycles

While change is constantly happening I'm striving for the timeless. While bicycles are constantly becoming lighter, faster and more complicated I'm striving for the beautiful, for the simplicity. Contemporary bicycles are build to last the time.


It's 1995 and I'm born into the sweet spot of bicycle building. Technically and aesthetically everything seems perfect. Bicycles are build to last. Bicycles are build to have fun.

Almost thirty years later the bicycle industry is on the moon. Electrified components on super light carbon fibre frames in aerodynamic shapes buzz down the streets like bees. Bicycle trends change faster than any cyclist can ride.

The 90s bicycle? It still works. Technically and aesthetically.

My Vision

Is to build bikes. I want to make them last. I want them to be fun. I want to take my head up in the cloud and bring bikes back down to earth.

Upcycling bicycles and creating unique, sustainable and timeless Fanzy Bikes is what I love. I'm studying every bicycle in detail. I want to figure out what made this decade of bicycle building so outstanding.

I want to become a master of bicycles and when time has come I want to be able to replicate what happened in the good times and apply my learnings to it. I want to make bikes bikes again.


A collection of my all time favorite bike build.