I kindly invite you to my place to enjoy a hot or a cold drink and talk bicycles. Tryout some of my latest contemporary bicycles builds, get some smooth bicycle parts for your own project and become part of the community. We serve coffee, tea, cold drinks, treats and smiles.


You own a Fanzy Bike? Make it last a lifetime and get it serviced once a year in our store.

Custom Bikes

You didn't find what you need? Let me help you and together we build your very custom Fanzy Bike.


A bike shop without a bike community is like a bicycle with an electric motor. Very whack.

Any Questions?

Please don't mind to ask.

Where & When
Aiglhofstraße 1, Salzburg

Thursday 16-21*
Friday 12-16
Saturday 12-16

*on Fanzy Thursday we get together for bikes, music and beers