Archy's Revival

Introducing the "Archy's Revival" Fixed Gear Tracklocross Bicycle - A Raw Alloy Adventure!

Unleash your inner trailblazer with this unique fixed gear bicycle, born from the hands of its former owner, Archy. The raw alloy frame, showcasing the scars of its previous journeys, exudes character and authenticity. Embrace the raw aesthetic or personalize it with a vibrant paint job - the canvas is yours.

Designed for offroad enthusiasts, this tracklocross marvel boasts wider tires, ensuring a smooth ride on various terrains. The fixed gear promises an unparalleled connection between you and the trail, while the option to switch to singlespeed provides versatility for your cycling escapades.

This isn't just a bicycle; it's a story waiting to be continued. Archy's legacy lives on through this revitalized ride, now seeking a new companion to conquer untamed paths. Experience the thrill of upcycling at its finest as you become part of the bike's evolving narrative.

Choose your own adventure with the option to add brakes for extra control on challenging descents. The Archy's Revival Fixed Gear Tracklocross Bicycle is more than a mode of transport; it's a statement of individuality and a celebration of the cycling spirit.

Frame: Raw Alloy Frame

Size: 58cm (Big Medium - Large)

Drivetrain: Fixed Gear

Brakes: No Brakes

Cockpit: Bricklanebikes Flatbar on Ergotec Stem

Tires: Continental Terra Speed 35-622

Specials: Izumi Track Chain, Raw Frame, Tracklocross Setup