Peugeot Cyclommuter

Peugeot Cyclommuter

May I introduce you to the Cyclommuter. With the singlespeed gearing, the cyclocross tires, the aerospoke wheelset and the classic backsweap handlebar on a steel frame this bike will be your solid buddy for everyday riding.

Revolutionize Your Commute: The Cyclommuter - A Vintage Peugeot Upcycling Masterpiece

Unlock the ultimate in commuting with the Cyclommuter, a vintage Peugeot transformed into a singlespeed sensation with cyclocross tires, an aerospoke wheelset, and a classic backsweap handlebar on a resilient steel frame. Discover why this upcycled gem is poised to be your steadfast companion for everyday riding.

Embrace Everyday Excellence with the Cyclommuter

Experience the perfect synergy of style and performance as you navigate your daily commute on the Cyclommuter. With singlespeed gearing, cyclocross tires, and an aerospoke wheelset, this Peugeot revamp is not just a bike; it's a statement in sustainable, personalized commuting.

The Cyclommuter Advantage

  1. Singlespeed Simplicity: Effortlessly cruise through your daily routine with the streamlined efficiency of singlespeed gearing.

  2. Cyclocross Confidence: Conquer diverse terrains with ease, thanks to the reliable traction and durability of purpose-fitted cyclocross tires.

  3. Modern Flair, Classic Appeal: The Cyclommuter's aerospoke wheelset seamlessly marries modern aesthetics with the timeless charm of a vintage Peugeot frame.

  4. Steel-Strong Durability: Built on a robust steel frame, the Cyclommuter ensures longevity, making it your reliable companion for the long haul.

  5. Control in Comfort: The classic backsweap handlebar adds a touch of comfort and control to your ride, enhancing your overall cycling experience.

Join the Upcycling Movement

Step into a world where vintage meets vogue, and sustainability meets style. Elevate your commute and reduce your environmental impact with the Cyclommuter—an upcycled Peugeot designed for fixed gear enthusiasts, cyclocross adventurers, and those craving the excitement of tracklocross.

Ready to Ride?

Explore the Cyclommuter and redefine your daily commute. Embrace the extraordinary and make a sustainable statement with this uniquely tailored Peugeot masterpiece. Your daily ride is about to become a showcase of style, efficiency, and eco-friendly ingenuity. Get ready to revolutionize your commute with the Cyclommuter—the epitome of vintage upcycling brilliance.


Frame: Peugeot Steel Frame

Size: M (RH54)

Drivetrain: Singlespeed

Brakes: Weinmann Sidepull

Cockpit: Classic Backsweap

Tires: Schwalbe CX Pro 30-622

Specials: Aero Spoke Wheelset, Golden Freehub Spacer