If I cannot count the stars on this troger bicycle frame, how should I count all the stars in the sky? I'll try again when I'm older. In the meantime I build another bicycle. 
This bike is meant to be a very solid everyday bicycle. It's Tange steel frame will be your solid partner for many years. I added a simple 1*7 drivetrain for all the urban challenges. The Continental Race King Folding Tires are fast on concrete and grippy on gravel. What's very special on this bike is the Shimano U Brakes, which are mounted in the front and in the back. You can upgrade the bicycle with fenders, racks, baskets or whatever you feel like. I hope you like it. Enjoy :)

Frame: Troger Tange MTB Steel Frame

Size: L

Drivetrain: Shimano Cues (42t) x Shimano Deore LX x Sram (12-32)

Brakes: Shimano U Brakes

Cockpit: Ergotec Stuttgarter

Tires: Continental Race King 55-559 folding

Specials: Vintage Shimano XT Pedals, Star Paintjob, Cult Vans Grips, Vintage Brake Lever