• Hagan Love Tank

    Hagan Love Tank

    Witness the revival of a bygone era as we breathe new life into a vintage bicycle through the art of upcycling. Discover how the fusion of timeless design and modern sustainability practices creates a truly unique and environmentally conscious ride, capturing the essence of a green tomorrow.
  • Jordan's Trek 830

    Jordan's Trek 830

     Then Jordan showed up. He was like yo dude. I was like yeah man. And soon we were like sick bike yo!   Frame: Trek 830  Size: M-L Drivetrain: Shimano Cues x Microshift Advent X Brakes: Via Canti Brakes Cockpit: BLB Ahead Stem...

  • Peugeot Cyclommuter

    Peugeot Cyclommuter

    Peugeot Cyclommuter May I introduce you to the Cyclommuter. With the singlespeed gearing, the cyclocross tires, the aerospoke wheelset and the classic backsweap handlebar on a steel frame this bike will be your solid buddy for everyday riding. Revolutionize Your...

  • Fanzy x Peugeot

    Fanzy x Peugeot

    Wow. My life feels like a wave. I love the purple. there is place for colors. For a contrast. We are very proud to announce our first unofficial cooperation with peugeot. Of course I didn’t ask them. Well. Look at...

  • Dance on Color

    Dance on Color

    Peugeot x Dance on Color   Elevate your urban cycling experience with Fanzy Bikes' extraordinary creation – the Upcycled Peugeot City Steel Bicycle from the 90s. A blend of timeless elegance and modern innovation, this custom bike is a testament...