Didn’t change at all. But the priorities did. I want to upcycle. Take my head up in the clouds and bring bikes back down to earth. I want to create. I want to create myself. I want to create stuff.

Three years of experimentation. The bicycle repair business is a hustle. And we struggled. But we learned a lot. And we had a fu**ing great time. But time moves on and so we do.

Flo and me, we were satisfied with the struggle and the hustle and decided to take a brake to figure out what’s next. He did. I did.

Fanzy Bikes is my passion, my love, my life. I want to create the best bikes I can, upcycle, be an artist and live that easy life while them heavy waves rolling in. I’d love to take care of all of your bikes, but I can’t. I have to step back in the bicycle repair business to move forward in the building Fanzy Bikes game. Let me take your head up in the cloud too and together we bring bikes back down to earth.


What the F******?
The Factory is what I’m dreaming of for a while now. The Factory is a place of creation. It’s about creating yourself, creating stuff, live and make a living. It’s about the people. I’m not talking about employees manufacturing goods in line. I’m talking about Individuals living their best lifes.

The Factory is a collective vision of space and time to create whoever we want to be and whatever we want to see. It’s about creating a self sustainable bohemian space for our curios souls. The Factory is not limited to physical space tho. The Factory is the people creating it. It’s a vision, a mindset, a lifestyle and I’m still dreaming.

The Factory is the People. The People are the


A moment in time. What is a moment worth? Just the simplicity a small moment in time can bring. Where would you spend it, with whom would you spend it? Take out one moment of your day, when would it be, and why? What do you fill your life with? Adventure, friends, family, happiness, sadness?
Do you ever just need a moment to actually let yourself go. Even if it is just for a moment, a moment in time. Where you can reflect or just let yourself be, be in peace. That’s what fika is about.

Take yourself out of your life just for a moment
and let yourself just be whatever you need to be, just that moment.

And while you‘re at it why not enjoy a cup of something warm or a refreshing beverage accompanied with a small treat. Bring a friend or leave it to yourself.

Take a moment. Have a fika. Have a FanzyFika.



T U E : 3 - 7
W E D : 3 - 7
T H U : 5 - 9
F R I : 1 - 5