New Cozy News

We Have Some Good News

We have a new team member

I'm very happy to announce that I'm now sharing the office with this beautiful human. Patrick doesn't only know how to ride, he knows how to take care of bikes. After his bicycle trip to Istanbul he decided to become a bike messenger and now he's diving deeper into the bike life. Patrick will take care of Fanzy Bikes, Upcycling Services and would love to have a coffee with you.

We have new Opening Hours

Now that we're two people, we can do three times the work.
This are our new Opening Hours
Wednesday 10-18
Thursday 10-21*
Friday 10-18
Saturday 10-14
*on Fanzy Thursday we get together for bikes, music and beers

We have new Upcycling Services

You don't need that new bike. With our Upcycling Service you can bring your old bike back to life. But we do not only repair, we upcycle. Upcycling means to reuse old bicycles in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value. Yes, we take your bike on another level. Technically and aesthetically. We make your old bike a Fanzy Bikes
Once your bike is upcycled it will recieve the Fanzy Bikes seal of approval. From then on we supply you with all our maintainance and repair services to make sure your Fanzy Bike will last a lifetime. 

We have a new business car

After waiting for six months it finally arrived. Our Omnium Cargo V3 Titanium frame. We built it up with parts we had left in the storage. Now it's ready to pick up old bikes, deliver mountains of old parts to the Recycling place and win some Alleycats.

We are now authorized Omnium Dealer

Yes we are. Checkout for the whole palette of awesome products. With spring 2023 we will have the coolest products in stock so you can come testride them. For now we invite you to have a look at our Omnium Cargo Titanium. Please let us now if you're interested in a product or if you have a question.

We collaborate with the Christkind

Introducing the Fanzy Gift Card – your ticket to thoughtful gifting. Choose from Upcycling ServicesFanzy BikesBicycle Parts, or some fanzy Stuff. Keep it good, support local businesses, and bring smiles to your loved ones.
We wish you much love and a cozy wintertime.
We hope to see you soon.